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Jesus never meant for us to do this life alone … or scared … or unprepared. Let me support your Journey to Trust God and follow Jesus to the life you long for.

What is the Journey to Trust group study course program?

Biblical, yet entertaining, video-driven courses to make following Jesus super simple. This library of courses will demonstrate how to connect with God, get to know his Word and follow his leading. You’ll be encouraged and equipped to face real life with wisdom and confidence.

Who is Journey to Trust for?

Teachers, leaders, mentors and small group facilitators  as they shepherd others to trust and follow Jesus.
Women who need a super simple system of discipleship to stay on track.

Wondering what it’s like to be part of Journey to Trust? See what others say …


THANK YOU!!! I am soooo ready for this!! Though the monthly cost, at first, seemed out of budget I quickly realized that your vast love for and knowledge of teaching Gods word is exactly what I NEED to rebuild my foundation that has taken a beating lately. I look at it as if I’m attending 4 classes a month with an amazing Jesus girl that I want as a mentor! Best investment EVER!!

New Member


If you can do this program.  You won’t be sorry!


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On my journey to trust Jesus, I’ve learned that he doesn’t hold my past against me and wants me to know I can have a fresh start whenever I need it.



I was finally able to forgive myself through a series of exercises Robyn worked with me on, and I have never felt so FREE! It’s amazing! And I’m so grateful.



I have finally learned the value of real community. Following Jesus on a journey takes trust. Trust in God and trusting his people. I’m only sorry it took me so long to get started.


Here’s the deal.

  • We say we love Jesus.
  • We declare we believe in God.
  • But do we spend time in his Word or pray like we expect him to answer?
  • How do we learn to face our fears, overcome obstacles, and find forgiveness?

How do you find the courage to trust God as much as you say you believe in him when life is hard?

  • You need an experienced guide!
  • Someone who can show you how to keep your nose in God’s Word,
    understand it. And Love It!!!
  • Someone who can teach you how to discern God’s leading to show you the way around and over and through life's hiccups and upheavals.

Who is your guide in Journey to Trust?

I’m Robyn Dykstra, award winning national speaker, best selling author, expert encourager and Bible teacher, and founder of Journey to Trust.
I’ve helped thousands of women find the courage to truly trust God in spite of circumstances, hormones, difficult people or even natural disasters.
I’ve boiled all my acquired knowledge, wisdom, life experiences and training down into short nuggets of teachable moments designed to accelerate your Journey to Trust so it doesn’t take you as long as it took me to figure it out.

Where did I learn to trust God?

When I first understood that Jesus Christ was God Almighty, the crucified and risen Savior, I wasn’t sure I could trust God because … well …How do you trust someone you don’t know and can’t see?
And to be honest, I didn’t really need to trust him because I’m pretty good at managing my own stuff. I liked the control. I wanted God to be more of a bodyguard, you know … I’ll call you if I need something, but I got this mostly handled.

How does Journey to Trust work?

Gather some friends, neighbors, or seekers.

Grab your coffee or cola or water bottle and choose a course of study from the Journey to Trust library.

Hit play and watch the Journey to Trust course video, then use the discussion questions to talk about what you learned and how you can apply the lesson to your life and circumstances.

Videos are short, engaging and employ Biblical teaching and principles to equip you with confidence and clarity for life.

You can do it alone, with one friend, or with a full house.

What do the courses in Journey to Trust cover?

  • Discerning God’s leading and trust his direction.
  • How to forgive and why it benefits you more than your offender.
  • Why your self-identify affects your trust in God.
  • How to pray big bold prayers with expectancy.
  • When thankfulness shifts limiting beliefs to allow you to trust God.
  • How to find and wield wisdom and why you need it.
  • What effect your words have on you and the people who hear them.
  • How and when to tell your story and with whom.
  • When to be satisfied and content and when to say, “Oh, Heck no, this isn’t right!” and contend for more or better.
  • How to break up with perfect yet strive for excellence.

What does Journey to Trust promise?

How to break free of the pits & patterns that keep you stuck
To push past hurts and habits that wreck your forward progress.
An understanding of your true identity in Christ.
To discern God’s call and direction for your life.

How much does Journey to Trust cost?

I created Journey to Trust because I saw so many women adrift. Journey to Trust will encourage and equip you to experience God through a series of Biblical, yet entertaining, video-driven courses to make following Jesus super simple.

Courses demonstrate how to connect with God, get to know his Word and follow his leading. You’ll be encouraged and equipped to face real life with wisdom and confidence at an affordable price.

If you bought 10 video-driven Bible Studies or 10 small group discussion video series, it would cost you a bundle!!!

Journey to Trust gives you 10 different courses for a fraction of the cost of similar programs.

If you believe in God, you belong in Journey to Trust so you can become more like Jesus.

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Self-paced Courses of Study on Authentic Christian Faith.

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