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Discipleship Masterclass For Jesus Lovers

31 PROVEN Lessons To Transform Hearts Toward Jesus

     Teaches God’s Word and His Ways.
     Eliminates crippling patterns of the past.
     Activates faith with specific action steps.

Guaranteed to support disciples who make disciples of Jesus. 

What Will You Gain By Using Journey to Trust?

For the facilitator/leader:
  • Specific path of lessons teaching God’s Word, taking the guesswork out of content creation
  • Access to Robyn’s wisdom and experience.
  • All-inclusive: Everything you need is included.
For The Participant:
  • Expedites progress in learning.
  • Builds community.
  • Safe environment to to ask questions
  • Eliminates feeling spotty or stupid
  • Equips them to share their faith

About Your Instructor

Robyn Dykstra

Robyn Dykstra is an award winning national speaker, best selling author, veteran Bible teacher, and founder of Journey to Trust.

You will love her transparent and passionate teaching style and will appreciate how she’s boiled down all her acquired knowledge, wisdom, life experiences and training to give you the nuggets you need to make strides in your Christian journey.

She’s taught thousands of women find the courage to truly trust God in spite of circumstances, hormones, difficult people or even natural disasters.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like you were supposed to come along-side a woman who is new-ish to Jesus but bailed cuz you didn’t know what to say or how to start.

You’re not alone!

There are tons of Bible studies out there for Christians who know the basics and beyond, but you need to know how to explain the fundamentals of faith first!

That’s why I wrote the Next S.T.E.P. Discipleship Path in Journey to Trust.

One step at a time – through short video teachings and Bible study lessons – the foundations of faith are explained.

Anyone with a desire to share how to live a life led by God can use the Next S.T.E.P. Discipleship Path to lead others from starting out to standing firm in their faith.

Why I wrote the Next S.T.E.P. Discipleship Path in Journey to Trust?

I didn’t reconcile my differences with Jesus till I was in my 30’s and by that time, I’d lived a very colorful and self-destructive life.

At church, surrounded by women in sensible shoes and below-the-knee dresses, I felt judged. I didn’t fit in and without someone to show me the path to a better life, I floundered in shame and isolation.

Then I stumbled upon a little group of women took me on like a project and never made me feel like one.

Across my kitchen table and in small groups circled up around Bible study tables in the basement of the church, these women took me by the hand and led me on a path that

  • Shredded the lies of the enemy and replaced them with the truth of God’s word.
  • Traded my shame, anger and resentment for God’s peace, freedom and restoration through forgiveness of my sins.
  • Eliminated my crippling habits and established new patterns for spiritual growth.
  • Prepared my heart to discern God’s calling and leading.

I’m forever grateful to the the women who taught me the fundamentals of Christian faith and transformed my life.

Now, I’m delighted to share the Next S.T.E.P. Discipleship Path in Journey to Trust with you so you can use and share those same fundamentals of faith.

Overview of Journey to Trust?

Everything you need is included:

  • Short, powerful, fun video teachings on 10 cores of Christian faith.
  • A written summary of the lesson.
  • Bible study to support the understanding of God’s word.
  • Discussion questions to personalize the lesson.
  • Action steps to put feet to faith.
  • Even a closing prayer.

As a BONUS, I’m providing you with a guest portal to share the lessons.

GUEST PASSES allow your participants to watch the video without giving them access to your personal account information or messing with your progress bars. You’re welcome.

What will your women will learn on the Next S.T.E.P. Discipleship Path in

Journey to Trust?

The first stop is to discover how to read God’s Word with eagerness and pray with anticipation of God’s intervention.

JtT explores several prayer models and invites your women to pray big bold specific prayers so God can reveal himself in obvious and often miraculous ways.

Next JtT affirms our identity as God’s creation, leading us into a deeper relationship with Him so your women can live and flourish in healthy relationships with His people.

Once established in God’s love, JtT equips your women to overcome obstacles in life by recognizing the lies of the enemy and replacing them with the truth of God’s word.

JtT deals with the pits and patterns of the past by leading your women to freedom, peace and restoration through forgiveness of self and those who’ve hurt them.

As fears melt and freedom grows, JtT empowers your women to discern God’s Leading & Trust His Direction.

Finally, JtT teaches what a difference contentment and thankfulness make so your women don’t fall into complacency or back slide into bad habits.

By the end of the path, women are able to share their own journey with confidence.

Who Is Journey to Trust For?

Journey to Trust was written and designed for women with a heart for Jesus who want everyone to know and trust him, too.

If you are passionate about leading women closer to Jesus … or you want to be …

you need a clear path of discipleship that leads your women to take the next S.T.E.P. in their walk with Jesus.

That is best taught eyeball to eyeball, across kitchen tables, and lunch room tables, and Sunday school tables and leaning into the conversation around coffee tables.

Whether you’re a long time Bible teacher in search of a study to disciple someone from starting out to standing firm or you’re new to coming along side someone seeking answers about faith, the Next S.T.E.P. Discipleship Path in Journey to Trust is exactly what you need.

Your women will experience the closeness, the love, and the blessing of knowing and trusting Jesus personally through powerful video lessons and simple Bible study.

Wondering what it’s like to be part of Journey to Trust? See what others say …


THANK YOU!!! I am soooo ready for this!! Though the monthly cost, at first, seemed out of budget I quickly realized that your vast love for and knowledge of teaching Gods word is exactly what I NEED to rebuild my foundation that has taken a beating lately. I look at it as if I’m attending 4 classes a month with an amazing Jesus girl that I want as a mentor! Best investment EVER!!

New Member


If you can do this program.  You won’t be sorry!


New Member


On my journey to trust Jesus, I’ve learned that he doesn’t hold my past against me and wants me to know I can have a fresh start whenever I need it.



I was finally able to forgive myself through a series of exercises Robyn worked with me on, and I have never felt so FREE! It’s amazing! And I’m so grateful.



I have finally learned the value of real community. Following Jesus on a journey takes trust. Trust in God and trusting his people. I’m only sorry it took me so long to get started.


Journey to Trust 1.9 DVD - Table of Contents

DISC 1 – Bible Reading – 1 Watch First – Meet Your Teacher 7:42 Start
DISC 1 - Bible Reading - Lesson 1 - Devotionals 11:05 Start
DISC 1 - Bible Reading - Lesson 2- Versions and Formats 15:00 Start
DISC 1 - Bible Reading - Lesson 3 - Skinny Bible Studies 12:43 Start
DISC 2 - Prayer - Lesson 1 - Basics & Memorized Prayer 9:18 Start
DISC 2 - Prayer - Lesson 2 - Conversational Prayer Models 10:30 Start
DISC 2 - Prayer - Lesson 3 - Listening Prayer 16:09 Start
DISC 3 - Identity - Lesson 1 - Created in God's Image 15:59 Start
DISC 3 - Identity - Lesson 2- You're Adopted In 13:44 Start
DISC 3 - Identity - Lesson 3 - Loving Yourself 12:20 Start
DISC 4 - Relationships - Lesson 1- Created for Eternal Connection 10:47 Start
DISC 4 - Relationships - Lesson 2 - The 5 Ts of Friendship 12:39 Start
DISC 4 - Relationships - Lesson 3 - Going First and Being Brave 14:12 Start
DISC 5 - Breaking Free - Lesson 1 - What's Your Stone? 13:55  Start
DISC 5 - Breaking Free - Lesson 2 - Do You Smell That Stink? 12:59 Start
DISC 5 - Breaking Free - Lesson 3 - Who's Watching You? 15:33 Start
DISC 6 - Forgiveness - Lesson 1 - Let Go and Let God 14:11  Start
DISC 6 - Forgiveness - Lesson 2 - Forgiving Others 16:46 Start
DISC 6 - Forgiveness - Lesson 3 - Forgiving Yourself 20:23 Start
DISC 7 - Discerning God's Voice - Lesson 1 - Does God Still Speak? 17:53  Start
DISC 7 - Discerning God's Voice - Lesson 2 - Obstacles to Hearing from God 14:49 Start
DISC 7 - Discerning God's Voice - Lesson 3 - Is That Really You God? 14:17 Start
DISC 8 - Contentment - Lesson 1 - How Big Is Your God 13:01  Start
DISC 8 - Contentment - Lesson 2 - Lessons From The Master 13:16 Start
DISC 8 - Contentment - Lesson 3 - Does a Closed Door Mean No? 13:12 Start
DISC 8 - Contentment - Lesson 4 - The Curse of Contentment 14:24 Start
DISC 9 - Thankfulness - Lesson 1 - What's in it for Me? 15:09  Start
DISC 9 - Thankfulness - Lesson 2 - Kill 'em with Kindness 16:48 Start
DISC 9 - Thankfulness - Lesson 3 - Rippling Effects 9:58 Start
DISC 10 - Tell Your Story - Lesson 1 - Your Story Matters 13:40  Start
DISC 10 - Tell Your Story - Lesson 2 - It's Not About You Anymore 16:25 Start
DISC 10 - Tell Your Story - Lesson 3 - Your Story for His Glory! 15:29 Start

How much does Journey to Trust cost?

Digital Online

Price: $179.00


  • Short, powerful, video teachings
    on 10 cores of Christian faith.
  • Summary of each lesson
  • Bible Study for individual lessons
  • Group Discussion Questions
  • Action Steps
  • Closing Prayer


  • Access to Robyn for Questions
  • Private FB Group Community
  • Guest Portal For Sharing Videos

DVD Boxset

Price: $339.95  - $147.00 

DVD boxsets:

  • Short, powerful, video teachings on 10 cores of Christian faith.
  • Summary of lessons
  • Bible Study for each lesson
  • Group Discussion Questions
  • Action Steps
  • Closing Prayers


  • Access to Robyn for Questions
  • Guest Portal For Sharing Videos
  • Full Color Member Workbook(s)


Price: $14.99 

Just one more quick thing.

Hey, Girlfriend,

Just want to assure you that I have poured my heart and soul into this discipleship path because I long for women to know and trust Jesus like I do. Hopefully, like you do.

This path will lead your women on a clear journey to jump start their trust in Jesus, silence accusing voices, displace chaos with God’s peace and develop healthy habits to support spiritual growth. And all you have to do to get started is invite them to your table.

As your women follow the Next S.T.E.P. Discipleship Path in Journey to Trust, experiencing big transformation is not only possible - it’s inevitable.


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